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Daystar is a company that made Apple Macintosh clone systems, notably the Daystar Genesis using a PowerMac 9500 chipset. Daystar also manufactured a 68040 chipset for use in older Macintosh systems' processor direct slots.

When Apple revoked the license for many Macintosh clone manufacturers, they had to stop the production of the clone systems and reopened as a Macintosh upgrade company.

In Hacker culture, the term Daystar can be used to refer to the Sun around which the Earth orbits. Often, it is used to denounce the existence of the sun, such as when exiting a dimly-lit building.

Ex: "Arg, the evil Daystar burns my eyes!"

Breaking down the word, one is made to understand that the Sun is, in fact, a star. This fact illustrates basic knowledge of solar system mechanics by the user of the term.

As well, the word suggests dissociation with the Sun, much the same as using an acronym in place of full words.