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Dayanara Torres

Dayanara Torres (born 1975), was the third of the four Puerto Rican Miss Universes. She won Miss Universe in 1993 in Mexico City. She was born in the city of Toa Alta.

Dayanara's election caused some controversy because some people claimed she was still a minor when elected. However, Dayanara had turned 18 years old months before the contest and she stood as Miss Universe for the mandatory one year period.

After her period as Miss Universe finished, she stayed in the Philippines where the 1994 pageant was held. She became a very famous actress and singer, and dated a very famous local actor, Aga Muhlach. She enjoyed wild success there and lived in that country for many years.

After returning to Puerto Rico, she met salsa music singer turned pop music singer and Hollywood actor Marc Anthony and fell in love with him. They married in 2000, and their marriage has been one of many controversial spins and turns. In 2002 they announced a separation, but they are reconciliating right now.

Dayanara recently agreed to shoot a commercial for Advil in Puerto Rico, which will be part of Advil's ad campaign denominated Advil,el alivio universal (Advil, the universal relief), a campaign which is, in turn, aiming to reunite all four Puerto Ricans Miss Universe winners.

Dayanara is pregnant with her and Anthony's second child.