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David S. Rose

David S. Rose was a US politician and was twice elected Mayor of the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin serving from 1898 to 1906 and from 1908 to 1910.

In 1900, Rose recommended improving the port by the construction of a system of docks and terminals in deep water outside of Jones Island because, as he stated, the rivers were becoming inadequate to meet the demands of increasing commerce to and from the city. In the same year he is rumored to have accepted $50,000 from an electric utility but this was never proved in court.

He was noted for his corrupt administrations, which allowed Brothels and Sporting Parlors (Casinos) to operate in the city even though they were against Milwaukee codes.

During his administration Police turned a blind eye when city hall said so. After his defeat by Emil Seidel in the 1910 election he moved to Los Angeles. Rose returned to Milwaukee in 1924 to make another bid for Mayor, this time running against Dan Hoan, but lost bitterly. He moved back to California, where he lived the rest of his life

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