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David Merrick

David Merrick (November 27, 1911 - April 25, 2000) was an American producer and director, associated with both musicals and dramas, brilliant successes and embarrassing flops. Called The Indomitable Showman, a biography, The Abominable Showman was less flatteringly titled.

Born David Lee Margulois in St. Louis, Missouri, he graduated from Washington University then studied law. In 1940 he left his legal career behind in St. Louis to produce theatre.

He married Lenore Beck. He married Jeanne Gibson in 1963. He married Etan Aronson in 1969. In 1980, director Gower Champion died just before the opening of 42nd Street, and Merrick kept his death secret so he could announce it himself at the final opening-night curtain. He married Karen Prunczik in 1982. He married Etan Aronson (again) in 1983. He suffered a stroke in 1983 which confined him to a wheelchair. He established the David Merrick Arts Foundation in 1998 to support the development of American musicals. He married Natalie Lloyd in 1999. He died in London.