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Davey Havok

Davey Havok is the lead singer of A.F.I, which he formed in 1991. The songs on which he has sung lead include Girl's Not Grey, The Leaving Song Pt.2 and The Boy Who Destroyed The World. Havok is one of the members of AFI who has been with the band from the beginning, along with Adam Carson. Davey Havok is the most easily recognizeable face of AFI and has his own cult following called the Church of Havok which follows the lyrics of all AFI records as a religious matter. Havok is also a teen hearttrob with many girls despite many rumors of his love life. Havok sites Queen frontman Freddy Mercury and The Cure as his influences. Havok is also known for his flamboyant stage performances which casually involve head-high kicks and spins. Sometimes Havok has an attack of what he calls "The Beast" where a nerve in his neck pinches and he actually falls to the ground in pain from singing to hard. Hsvok also had to put peices of cloth in his hands while recording to kep his fingernails from penetrating his skin.