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Datsun 1500, 1600, 2000 Roadster

The Datsun 1500 Roadster SP(L) 310 made it's debut at the Tokyo Motor show in 1961, several months before the roll-out of the MGB. The SP 310 was powered by a 1.5 liter inline four cylinder OHV engine with a single carburetor producing 77 HP. The 1500 was a 3 place convertible with front buckets, and a transverse back seat . Later production added a second SU type carburetor and eliminated the back seat.

In 1966 engine displacement was boosted to the 1.6 liters and power output to 96 HP. This new model was given the new designation SP(L) 311. The 1600 was produced until the end of production in April 1970.

The 2000 roadster SR(L) 311 was intrduced as a half-year model in 1967 Powered by the U-20 single overhead cam engine, in stock configuration of twin SU type carburetors it produced 135 HP. An optional version with twin Solex carburetors produced 150 HP. The 2000 was also produced until 1970 when the Roadster was superceded by the 240-Z.