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DARPA Grand Challenge

The DARPA Grand Challenge is a race for fully autonomous vehicles planned to occur March 13, 2004. This is expected to be the first such distance race in the United States; to date, there have been other competitions for semi-autonomous vehicles, but none on the scale of the Grand Challenge. The US Defense Department has permitted DARPA to offer prize money to facilitate robotic development, with the ultimate goal of making one of three ground military forces automated by 2015.

The competition is open to all US citizens and organizations, including high school and college students, businesses, and other organizations. More than 100 teams have registered, bringing a wide variety of technological skills to the race.

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DARPA will give a prize of $1 million to the first team to complete the 250 mile course in under ten hours.

Summary of DARPA Grand Challenge Rules

DARPA is conducting this race in association with SCORE International Off-Road Racing.


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