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Dalmatian language

Dalmatian (the Northern dialect was called Vegliot and the Southern Ragusan) is an extinct Romance language formerly spoken along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, near Dubrovnik. Its last native speaker was killed by a landmine in 1898.


Thought to be a language that bridged the gap between the Romanian language and Italian, the Dalmation was related more closely to Italian than the nearby Romanian dialects, such as the nearly-extinct Istro-Romanian, also spoken in nearby Istria, Croatia.

It is interesting to note that Dalmation kept the Latin words connected to the urban life which were lost in Romanian.

Language sample: Lord's Prayer

Tuota nuester, che te sante intel sil: sait santificuot el naun to. Vigna el raigno to. Sait fuot la voluntuot toa, coisa in sil, coisa in tiara. Duote costa dai el pun nuester cotidiun. E remetiaj le nuestre debete, coisa nojiltri remetiaime a i nuestri debetuar. E naun ne menur in tentatiaun, miu deleberiajne dal mal.

(should be added, for comparison, Italian and Istro-Romanian versions)