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Ad-Dajjal or Degghial is, in Islam, an evil figure who will appear in the end times in Islamic eschatology. The word is Arabic for "the deceiver."

He is a counterpart to the Antichrist prophesied by Christianity. Like the Antichrist, various hadith, or traditions, are preserved about ad-Dajjal. He will be physically misshapen, and blind in one eye. He will deceive the faithful, teaching them that Heaven is Hell and vice versa. He will have the power to work miracles in order to mislead believers. He will have the Arabic letters kaf, fa and ra (kaffir) branded on his forehead. He will revive the dead, and claim to be a god. Some traditions of Islam relate that he will appear at Isfahan, and that he will rally Jews to his support.

The appearance of the Dajjal will correspond with the appearance of the Mahdi, who will rally the faithful on earth to oppose him. Eventually, Isa, the Islamic name for Jesus Christ, will return from Heaven and vanquish the Dajjal.