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Daily Planet

In the Superman comics, television series and movies, the Daily Planet is a fictional newspaper of Metropolis that employs Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen. Its chief editor is Perry White. When Superman first appeared, its hero, Clark Kent, worked for the Daily Star newspaper, named by creator Joe Shuster after his old employer, the Toronto Star in Toronto, Ontario. When the comic strip received international distribution, the company permanently changed the name to the Daily Planet.

Daily Planet is a property trust which briefly made headlines on its initial public offering in 2003. Because the property owned is used as a brothel in Melbourne, Australia, the listing of shares on the Australian Stock Exchange caused consternation and titillation, and publicity for the company. Chief Executive Andrew Harris noted that shareholders are "not actually investing in a bordello... it's a bricks and mortar investment in the Daily Planet building."

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