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D2G reactor

The D2G nuclear reactor is found on all US nuclear cruisers with the exception of the USS Long Beach (CGN-9).

It is rated for a max 150 megawatt output. It will last for 15 years with normal usage.

US nuclear cruisers were outfitted with two reactors per vessel, with the ability to cross-connect the steam and feed water plants to power both engine rooms from a single reactor.

With both reactors running, steam plants split, the average cruiser could reach 32 knots. With one reactor running, steam plants cross-connected, it would reach 25-27 knots. With one reactor running, steam plants split, on one shaft, they could only reach 15 knots.

D = Destroyer-sized reactor 2 = 2nd generation G = General-Electric built.

These reactors were boron-doped vertically for longer core life, and axially for even power distribution without hot spots. They employ 12 H-shaped control rods driven by DC-powered movable armature reluctance motors.

Three main loops driven by three reactor coolant pumps supplied three steam generators with super-heated water, which, in turn, supplied saturated steam to the engine room.