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Czech lands

The Czech lands (in Czech: České země) or Czechia (in Czech: Česko) is an auxiliary term used for Bohemia + Moravia + Czech part of Silesia + other territories that were parts of the Kingdom of Bohemia (Lands of the Czech Crown) at the particular time in history (e.g.Lusatia, Brandenburg). Today identical with the Czech Republic. Used especially for the period till 1969 (when the entity and term Czech Socialist Republic arose), but also afterwards.

Czech lands was used especially in the past (before 1992), when the alternative term Czechia did not exist (it did not exist in the Czech language, but it existed in the English language, but was used rarely and sometimes used instead of Bohemia for the period after 1918), so that it was impossible to describe the main and secondary Czech territory by one word. The use of the term Czechia is officially desired by the Czech Republic (see Czech Republic) and the Czechs themselves. The Czechs, however, do not use the Czech equivalent for Czechia - Česko - often, because it is new and similar to the Czech equivalent for Bohemia - Čechy