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Cumann na nGaedheal

Cumann na nGaedheal ('party of the Irish') came into being between its inception in December 1922 and its formal launch in April 1923. It had as its core element the pro-treaty section of Sinn Féin returned in the 1922 general election.

The party contested its first general election in 1923 and won 63 seats (39% of the poll).

Its leader was W.T. Cosgrave.

The party survived as the government party until it was surprisingly defeated by Fianna Fáil in the general election of February 1932. Its support base contracted further in the general election of January 1933 and it subsequently entered discussions with the National Centre Party and the National Guard (Blueshirts) on the possibility of a merger. This came about in September 1933 with the formation of Fine Gael from the three parties.