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Crusade (TV series)

Crusade is a spinoff TV show from J. Michael Straczynski's Babylon 5. It occurs several years after the events in Babylon 5, just after the movie A Call To Arms. A race called the Drakh have released a nanovirus plague on Earth, which will destroy all life on Earth within five years if it is not stopped. To that end, the long-range explorer ship Excalibur has been sent out to look for anything that could help the search for a cure.

As he had with Babylon 5, Stracynski planned a five-year storyline for Crusade. Ongoing disagreements with the network, however, meant that only thirteen episodes were ever made.


;Captain Matthew Gideon (Gary Cole):captain of the Excalibur. ;Lieutenant John Matheson (Daniel Dae Kim):second in command. A strong telepath. ;Max Eilerson (David Allen Brooks):an archaeologist from Interplanetary Expeditions. ;Galen (Peter Woodward):a technomage, cast out of his order for helping Gideon. ;Dr. Sarah Chambers (Marjean Holden):ship's medical officer. ;Dureena Nafeel (Carrie Dobro):an ex-thief. Came along because she thought it would be fun.

List of Episodes

  1. Racing the Night
  2. The Needs of Earth
  3. The Memory of War
  4. The Long Road
  5. Visitors from Down the Street
  6. The Well of Forever
  7. Each Night I Dream of Home
  8. Patterns of the Soul
  9. The Path of Sorrows
  10. Ruling from the Tomb
  11. The Rules of the Game
  12. War Zone
  13. Appearances and other Deceits