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Crossfire (computer game)

Crossfire is an open source, multiplayer online computer role-playing game (MMORPG). It features a tile based graphic system, realistic diseases that spread and infect, many spells, a world that consists of several cities (as well as a "big world" in development) and many other features. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License and it has several servers as well as a metaserver at the official site.

The client (ver. 1.6.0) will run in Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS X, IRIX, and an array of other platforms. The server (ver. 1.5.0) runs in Linux, IRIX and has been recently ported to Windows as well.

About the game

The player can choose one of 12 races from dragons (fire hatchlings) to quetzalcoaltl as well as the more average human and elf. They can also play as one of 15 classes. The game consists of a comprehensive skill system that has experience in each skill, rather than just general experience points. As a result, it is more realistic in that the skills you use are the skills that are improved.

The player will start in Scorn and discover the other towns as they play. There are some quests, but it is generally mostly a fun hack and slash adventure with several comrades. With thousands of different places to explore, and a new big world map which makes the continent life-sized, the game has plenty of room to explore.

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