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Croatian Communist Party

Croatian Communist Party (Croatian Komunistička Partija Hrvatske) also known as the Croatian League of Communists (Croatian Savez Komunista Hrvatske).

A normal, non-partisan account of what the party was about and what it did during the 20th century remains to be written.

Table of contents
1 Ethnic issues
2 Sources

Ethnic issues

The party was accused of being dominated by the Serb minority, particularly during the tumultous era of Croatian spring, ie. Croatian rebellion against Yugoslav centralism which benefitted disproportionately Eastern parts of Yugoslavia, especially Serbia and Republic of Macedonia. A more moderate account was that the Serb influence was disproportionate at times. Serbs held the presidency of the party twice, one up to 1942, the other from 1986. In 1989, 30% of the members of the Croatian League of Communists were Serbs, while their overall percentage in the republic was less than 13%.

Ethnic composition of the governments

Government of April 14, 1945

Government of October 22, 1949 Executive Committee of February 7, 1953 Executive Committee Spring 1958 Executive Committee of 1963