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The Crestones are three 14,000 foot peaks in the northern part of the Sangre de Cristo Range above Crestone, Colorado. Kit Carson Peak, is a walkup if one follows the correct route, but has claimed more lives than Crestone Peak and Crestone Needle which are simple technical climbs. Generally climbers start from a base camp at South Colony Lake on the east side of the Range, having ascended from the Wet Mountain Valley. First they walk from the lake to the top of the ridge above them to a large relatively flat area at the top called The Pool Table (a few large rocks lie on the tundra); then ascend a long gully on the south side of Crestone Peak (hardhats for this); then after a short climb to the Peak it is a short clamber across a saddle to the top of the Needle. It is possible to get yourself in a bad spot on the Needle and to require rescue. About one person per year is killed on the Crestones.

Kit Carson Mountain lies to the south of The Pool Table. Mt. Humbolt, another fourteener to the northeast is an easy walkup. Mt. Adams, a high thirteener to the north is quite rugged. Snow is usually mostly melted by early July. Expect afternoon rain, hail, and lightning from the seasonal monsoon in late July and August.

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