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Creative Nomad

The Creative Nomad is an MP3 player series created by Creative Labs. Two different kinds of players exist: solid-state memory (no moving parts) under the brand name Nomad and Nomad MuVO and hard disk based players under the brand name Nomad Jukebox.

Creative's activity in the MP3 player field began with the Creative Nomad which was actually a value-added reseller product, a rebranded Samsung Yepp YP-D40. The Creative Nomad II also features an FM radio.

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Nomad and Nomad MuVO Models

Nomad Jukebox Models

The Creative Jukeboxes have appeared in different shapes:

A variant of the Nomad Jukebox is also sold as a value-added reseller product by Dell under the name Dell Digital Jukebox (Dell DJ), a USB 2.0 device.

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