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Cradle of Filth

Cradle of Filth is a British melodic black metal band formed in 1991 (see 1991 in music). After a period with the line-up rapidly fluctuating as the band recorded three demos, Cradle of Filth signed to Cacophonous and released The Principle of Evil Made Flesh in 1994 (see 1994 in music). After yet more line-up changes, the band released Dusk and Her Embrace, a critically acclaimed album that greatly expanded the band's fanbase throughout Europe and among black metal fans elsewhere. As the band became known for increasingly theatrical stage shows, Cruelty and the Beast was released to even greater acclaim, though sales were poor. More line-up shifts followed. Their latest album is 2003 (see 2003 in music)'s Damnation and a Day.

Some claim that the band is no more playing "true black" music.


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