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Corvus (constellation)

PronunciationKOR vus

PronunciationKOR vee
Meaning in Englishthe Crow
Right ascension12 h
Visible to latitudeBetween 60° and -90°
On meridian21:00 May 10
 - Total
Ranked 70th
184 sq. deg.
Stars with
apparent magnitude < 3
Brightest star
 - Apparent magnitude
Meteor showers Corvids (26 June)
Bordering constellations Virgo

Corvus (Latin - the crow, or raven) is a small southern constellation with only 11 stars visible to the naked eye (brighter than magnitude 5.5). It was one of the 48 constellations listed by Ptolemy, and also counts among the 88 modern constellations.

Table of contents
1 Notable deep sky objects
2 Notable stars
3 Mythology

Notable deep sky objects

Corvus contains no Messier objects. The Ringtail peculiar galaxy consists of the possibly colliding NGC 4038 and NGC 4039, and appears to have a heart shape as seen from Terra.

Notable stars

BD Names and catalog numbers Magnitude Ly away Comment
γ Gienah, Gienah Ghurab, HD106625106625 2.59 190
β Kraz, HD109379 2.65 96
δ Algorab, Algoral, Algorel, Algores, ADS 8572, HD108767 3.0 9.2 120 or 88? White primary star and a pale purple companion.
ε Minkar, HD105707 3.00 140
α Al Chiba, Al Minliar al Ghurab, Alchiba, Alchita, Alkhiba, HD105452 4.02 49
ζ HD107348 5.2 13.7 360 Double star.
VV Struve 1669, ADS 8627 6.0 6.0 278 Quadruple.
R 6.7 / 14.4 Variable star with a 317.03 day cycle.
Ross 695, HIP 60559 12.4 29.64 Very close to Sol, with a proper motion of 2.52 seconds of arc per year.

δ, γ, ε, and β form the 'sail' asterism; and γ and δ serve as pointers toward (Spica).


In Greek mythology the crow is sent to fetch a cup (Crater (constellation)) of water but instead returns with a water snake (Hydra (constellation)).