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Corporate police state

A Corporate police state is a system of government in which corporations control the power and money of a society. It could be argued that a corporate police state would manifest itself in the form of modern feudalism, or, in combination with sufficient nationalism, could manifest as a form of fascism.

This form of government would use that power to enact laws which maximize corporate profits without regard for personal liberty. Corporate police states have gained a certain amount of attention as observers or demagogues have each noted certain similarities between current politics in the United States of America, and the corporate police state.

A great number of activists are currently engaged in resisting the formation of a corporate police state in America. For examples, see Ken Mondschein's Corporate Motherfucker, Sander Hick's Soft Skull Press, and the Disinformation collective.

Corporate police states are commonly depicted in dystopian popular literature, particularly the cyberpunk genre of science fiction. Examples include:


Movies: See also corporatocracy, industrial revolution, plutocracy, police state