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Corey Haim

Corey Haim (born December 23, 1971) is a Canadian who became famous as a child actor in Hollywood during the 1980s.

Haim, a native of Toronto, named James Dean and Cybill Shepherd as his favorite actors. His friendship and collaboration with Corey Feldman was widely publicized during the 80's, and they were dubbed The two Coreys.

One of his first appearances was in Lucas, alongside Charlie Sheen. He and Feldman quickly became teen-idols. His breakthrough role came in Joel Schumacher's 1987 hit film, The Lost Boys, where he and the other Corey battled teenage vampires. Then, in 1988, he made the movie License to Drive, where he undertook the main character and Feldman had a secondary role. For their next movie, 1989's Dream a Little Dream, they reversed roles, with Feldman on the lead and Haim as a secondary character.

After the 1980s, his career faded. During the 1990s, he made Fast Getaway, a low budget film in which he played a bank robber, and the movie spawned a sequel.