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Constantin Brancoveanu

Constantin Brāncoveanu (1654 - August 26 1714) was prince of Wallachia between 1689 and 1710.

In consequence of his anti-Turkish policy of forming an alliance first with Austria and then with Russia, he was denounced to the Porte, deposed from his throne, brought under arrest to Constantinople and imprisoned in 1710 at the fortress of Yedi Kuleh (Seven Towers).

Here he was tortured by the Turks, who hoped thus to discover the fortune of 3,000,000, which Brāncoveanu was alleged to have amassed. He was beheaded with his four sons on the August 26 1714.

His faithful friend Enache Vacarescu shared his fate. Constantin Brancoveanu became, through his tragic death, the hero of Romanian popular ballads.

During his rule, an architectonical style was created in Wallachia, named "Brāncovenesc" style.