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Colnbrook is a village in the unitary authority of Slough, in the south of England, west of London.

Coaching inns were the village's main industry. In 1106 the first one was founded by Milo Crispin, named "The Hospice" (now the Ostrich Inn). By 1577 colnbrook had no fewer than ten coaching inns. Colnbrook's High Street was on the main London to Bath Road and was used as a resting point for travellers. One 17th century landlord Jarman of The Ostrich Inn installed a bedside trap door in one of the bedrooms , and 60 of his richer clients were dropped into a vat of boiling water. Their bodies were then disposed of in the Colne River.Jarman was then hung fpr robbery and murder. The Ostrich Inn was recently a focus of a supernatural TV program on Sky TV because of its resident ghosts. Many members of staff over the years have had experiences with the ghosts which tend to locate themselves in the restauraunt in the upstairs of the Inn next to where the original murders took place.