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Coleco Telstar Arcade Cartridges

The Telstar was a video game console produced by Coleco which first went on sale in 1976, which was basically a pong clone. There were actually several versions of the Telstar:

Telstar - Three games (hockey, handball, tennis)
Telstar Classic - same as the Telstar, woodgrain case
Telstar Alpha - Four games (hockey, handball, tennis, jai alai)
Telstar Colormatic - same as the Telstar Alpha but color picture and separate controllers
Telstar Regent - same as the Telstar Colormatic but no color
Telstar Sportsman - Came with a light gun and two separate paddles
Telstar Combat - Joystick based system that played variations on Kee Games' "Tank"
Telstar Colortron - Four games, in color, built in sound
Telstar Marksman - came with
alight gun, 2 gun games, and 4 regular games, in color
Telstar Galaxy - came with joysticks and paddles
Telstar Gemini - Like the Marksman but with pinball instead of Pong
Telstar Arcade - cartridge-based, light gun, steering wheel, paddles

Because of this outrageously large product lineup and the impending fading out of the Pong machines lead Coleco to lose exorbitant amounts of money in 1980.