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Coil (band)

Coil is a group that has worked in several electronic music styles including: industrial, noise, ambient and experimental musics and which intentionally tries to stay away from any particular genre of music. The band was formed by John Balance (sometimes credited as Jhon Balance) and Peter Christopherson out of the demise of Psychic TV, an earlier industrial band.

Coil can only be described as a very eccentric group, sometimes producing only as many as 99 copies of an album, allowing only those who are truly dedicated to the band to seek them out, due to the high prices (caused by high demand). Some critics have accused Coil and its record company of price gouging. As of 2003, Coil has been re-releasing many rare works, mostly remixed, into general circulation.

Coil also has an interesting habit of separating their works into many side-projects, publishing music under different names when it is created using different styles. Some of their side-names are ELpH, Zos Kia, The Eskaton, Black Light District, Time Machines, and one of their newer members, Thighpaulsandra, produces music on his own as well. They contributed music to two of Derek Jarman's films, Blue and The Angelic Conversation.


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