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Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) is a cable and satellite television news channel operated in the United States by the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). It provides business news programming from 5am to 7pm eastern time, and talk shows from 7pm until midnight eastern time. Its major business news programmes are "Wake Up Call", "CNBC Squawk Box with Mark Haines", "Morning Call", "Power Lunch", "Closing Bell", and "Business Center". Evening programmes include "The News with Brian Williams", "Kudlow and Cramer", and "Capital Report". Star anchors include Mark Haines, Joe Kernan, Ted David, Bill Griffith, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, Maria Bartiromo, Tyler Mathison, Ron Insana, and Sue Herrera. A rolling ticker and stack provide real-time updates on share prices.

Outside of the United States, CNBC is operated as a joint venture between NBC and Dow Jones & Company. They operate CNBC Europe from London, and CNBC Asia from Hong Kong. A number of local CNBC services also exist, including versions in Japanese (Nikkei-CNBC) and Turkish (CNBC-e). The international CNBC services provide the same type of programming as CNBC US during the business day, and rebroadcast CNBC US' major business programmes. In the US, CNBC Europe and CNBC Asia programming can be seen on the cable channel CNBC World.

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