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Close to the Edge

Close to the Edge is an album by British progressive rock band Yes. Recording began in June 1972 and the album was released on Atlantic Records in September 1972.

Track listing

Close to the Edge has a running time of 37 minutes and 56 seconds spread amongst three tracks, two of which have multiple sections:

  1. Close to the Edge (18:50)
    1. The Solid Time of Change
    2. Total Mass Retain
    3. I Get Up I Get Down
    4. Seasons of Man
  2. And You And I (10:09)
    1. Cord of Life
    2. Eclipse
    3. The Preacher The Teacher
    4. Apocalypse
  3. Siberian Khatru (8:57)


This album is often considered to be one of the best (if not the best) of Yes' discography, preceded by the relatively fragmented Fragile (1972) and the much lengthier Tales from Topographic Oceans (1973). It set a trend for Yes of including a single epic song significantly longer than the others which was followed in the later albums Relayer (which featured "Gates of Delirium") and Going for the One (1977) (which featured "Awaken").

The religious influences which later formed the basis of Tales from Topographic Oceans are evident in the ethereal qualities of the music and lyrics of all three tracks on Close To The Edge. Renewal and repetition are other main themes; the title track starts and finishes with the same sound effects of running water and birds and in "Siberian Khatru" there is the repetition of two-word phrases.