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Clapham Sect

The Clapham Sect was a loose organization of like minded people that existed in Britain towards the beginning of the nineteenth century. It was composed of evangelical Anglican people who shared common political views concerning the liberation of slaves, the abolition of the slave trade and reforming the penal system. Its name originates form the town of Clapham where both Wilberforce and Thornton, the sect's two most prominent leaders, resided and where many of the group's meetings were held.


Gisbourne, Thomas 1758-1846 Clergyman and Author

Grant, Charles 1746-1823 Business Administrator

Macaulay, Zachary 1768-1838 Estate manager, colonial governor

More, Hannah 1745-1835 Playwright and educator

Sharp, Granville 1735-1813 Scholar and administrator

Smith, Sir William 1756-1835 Parliamentarian

Stephen, James 1758-1832 Master of Chancery

Teignmouth, Lord 1751-1834 Governor-General of India

Thornton, Henry 1760-1815 Banker

Venn, John 1759-1813 Rector of Clapham

Wilberforce, William 1759-1833 Parliamentarian