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Cinema of New Zealand

New Zealand Cinema is film made in or about New Zealand.

While New Zealand cinemas screen international movies in general release, relatively few New Zealand-made films have been specifically commissioned for this market by international film distributors. Most New Zealand films have been made by small independent film-makers, often on a low budget and sometimes with sponsorship from public funds. Only recently have international film companies used the New Zealand Film Industry as a source of feature films. However, the independent tradition of filmmaking in New Zealand dates back to the end of the 19th century, when film was first shot in New Zealand.

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New Zealand Film Archive

The New Zealand Film Archive was founded and incorporated on March 9, 1981. Film enthusiast, critic and historian Jonathan Dennis (1953–2002) was a primary driving force behind the archive and became its first director. The archive was set up to preserve and restore significant New Zealand film and television images. It now holds a collection of much of early New Zealand cinema film and holds public screenings of its collection.

Much of the early cinema film made in New Zealand has been lost, as it was printed on unstable nitrate film base. In 1992, when film enthusiasts and the New Zealand Film Archive realised how much of New Zealand's film heritage was being lost, they mounted the Last Film Search and found 7,000 significant films, both in New Zealand and around the world.

Recent New Zealand Movies

International Release Movies

Prominent Directors

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