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Chuck Knipp

Birthdate: June 27th Dual Citizen - USA and Canada

Southern American Comedian, best known for creating popular but controversial radio and stage persona "Shirley Q. Liquor."

Registered Nurse.

Nominated as LIbertarian Party candidate for U.S. Congress in 2000.

The clerk of the Gulf Coast Quakers and Professional Chaplain, the Rev. F. Charles "Chuck" Knipp, was ordained by apostolic succession to the Diaconate in 1997 by a bishop of the Friends Catholic Communion. He has previously co-founded an inclusive church congregation in Texas and has perfomed pastoral duties in the Episcopal Church (USA). He is a an ordained minister in the American Unitarian Conference and the Quaker Universalist Fellowship and considers himself to be a liberal yet believing open-minded Christian. His ministry now includes officiating Weddings and Holy Unions, hospice care and funeral services for the indigent or those without a church. He is willing to officiate at burial services for beloved pets. In addition, he is also a commissioned Notary Public for the State of Mississippi.