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Christoph Blocher

Christoph Blocher (also spelled Christophe Blocher) (born October 11, 1940), Swiss politician, was born in Schaffhausen and has a doctorate in jurisprudence. He is married with three daughters and a son. He made a fortune in the chemical industry (Ems-Chemie). He has represented the canton of Zürich in the Swiss National Council since 1980 as a deputy of the Swiss People's Party (Schweizerische Volkspartei; SVP/UDC).

Blocher built his political career through campaigning against Swiss membership of the European Union and against illegal immigration. As well as the People's Party, he leads a mass organisation, the Action for an Independent and Neutral Switzerland (Aktion für eine unabhängige und neutrale Schweiz). He has frequently been amalgamated with figures such as Jean-Marie Le Pen in France and Jorg Haider in Austria.

Blocher surprised many observers when the People's Party emerged as the largest party in the lower house of Swiss national parliament in the Swiss election of October 19, 2003. Blocher personally topped the poll in Zurich, and became Switzerland's most influential politician.

On December 10, 2003, Blocher was elected as member of the Federal Council, the Swiss seven-member executive. Thus, his party gained one of the two seats of the Christian Democratic People's Party. His predecessor Ruth Metzler-Arnold became the third federal councellor in history not to be reelected. He heads the Federal Department of Justice and Police.

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