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Christmas stories

The yearly holiday of Christmas has inspired many writers and producers to create fictional Christmas stories that try to capture the "spirit" of Christmas in the form of a modern-day fairy tale. Over the years, a large number of fictional Christmas stories have been written, usually involving heart-touching tales that involve a Christmas miracle. Several of these stories have become very popular over the years, and have passed into popular culture and been accepted as part of the tradition of Christmas.

Several popular Christmas songs and poems have been added to the legend of Christmas, to the point where they are seen as inseparable from the holiday of Christmas itself. Several Christmas myths include:

John Denver and the Muppets:
A Christmas Together

A number of modern fictional Christmas stories have become very popular in their own right. Many of these have been adapted to movies and TV specials. These stories have been broadcast and repeated many times on TV over the years. Beginning with the popularization of home video during the 1980s, these Christmas specials have seen numerous video editions, and they are sold and re-sold every year during the holiday shopping season. Some popular fictional Christmas specials include:

A few true stories have become enduring Christmas tales themselves. The story behind the Christmas carol "Silent Night" and the story of Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus are among the most well-known of these true tales of Christmas.

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