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Christian Science Publishing Society

The Christian Science Publishing Society is the publishing arm of the Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts. It resides in the Publishing House building and other offices, publishes the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and other Christian Science literature, and is the originator of the Christian Science Monitor, Christian Science Journal, Christian Science Sentinel, and Christian Science Herald. During the late 1980s it attempted to rapidly expand the Monitor into a cable television superstation, later adding religious programming and shortwave broadcasts, but it fell far short of its projected revenue goals and was forced to fold these ventures. It controversially published The Destiny of The Mother Church by Bliss Knapp in 1991 in terms required to secure a bequest of approximately $100 million, which numerous branch churches declined to sell on account of theological claims the church's Board of Directors first reproved in 1948. The CSPS is structured under the oversight of a Manager and Board of Trustees held in answer to the Board of Directors, a relationship which became the subject of a litigation during the 1920s.