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Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson as Christopher Mark Robinson was born on December 20, 1966 in Atlanta, Georgia. He has a brother named Rich Robinson. He's the singer of The Black Crowes.

He formed The Black Crowes in 1985 when he was 18-years old and Rich was 16-years old. His band had a demo cassette tape in 1989 since their first carrer before they released all their albums starting with Shake Your Money Maker (the 1990 album); The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion (the 1992 album); Amorica (the 1994 album); Three Snakes and One Charm (the 1996 album); By Your Side (the 1999 album); Lions (the 2001 album) and then Chris Robinson's first solo record New Earth Mud.

He is married to Kate Hudson.