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Chris Evans

Chris Evans (born April 1, 1966, in Warrington, England) is a British celebrity. He is married to ex-singer Billie Piper in Las Vegas in May 2001.

He is a former presenter of all the following shows:

He was part owner of Virgin Radio, until he sold his share in the company to the Scottish Media Group.

On June 28, 2001 he was sacked by Virgin Radio after he allegedly went on a drinking spree and failed to turn up to present the Virgin Radio breakfast show. He attempted to sue Virgin Radio claiming that he was unfairly dismissed and denied share options worth £8.6m. On June 26, 2003 the judge decided that he had been fairly dismissed and was not entitled to the share options. Virgin Radio countersued and Evans was ordered to pay £1m towards Virgin Radio's legal costs.

He was included in the 100 Worst Britons poll, at number 12.

A close student of Evans’ career might have seen the demise coming while he was still flavour of the month on the BBC radio one breakfast show. He had been an innovative broadcaster but began to coast. For example he would invite female listeners to come into his studio dressed as Wonder Woman. He would subject the love life of his “posse” member Holly to on-air scrutiny. He would invite female listeners to photocopy various parts of their anatomy and send them in. Some of these antics might be seen as gross entertainment on a TV show but on a radio show where only he and his fawning entourage were being entertained it could be seen as the first signs of the rampant egotism which caused his ultimate demise.