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Chris Burford

A member of the Stanford University Athletic Hall of Fame, Chris Burford (born 1938) was a master of sideline receptions for the Dallas Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. What he lacked in great speed or physical presence, he made up for by running perfectly choreographed pass routes that outsmarted most American Football League defensive backs. An AFL All-Star in 1961, he followed that performance with 12 receptions for touchdowns in 1962. By the end of his career he was the Chiefs all-time reception leader (391) with 5,505 yards and 55 touchdowns.

Teaming with Hall of Famer Len Dawson, Burford was a clutch receiver when the game was on the line and the ball had to be moved forward for a needed first down or for field-goal position. For most of his AFL career, Burford was in the top ten in receiving catches, yards, and touchdowns. Burford is a 1974 inductee of the Chiefs' Hall of Fame, and a member of the American Football League Hall of Fame.


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