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In Greek mythology, three people shared the name Chloris.

  1. Chloris ("greenish") was the goddess of spring, flowers and nature. She was married to Zephyrus and had three children by him: Ampyx, Mopsus and Carpus. Her Roman equivalent was Flora.
  2. Meliboea was a daughter of Niobe and the only one spared when Artemis and Apollo killed the Niobids. She was so frightened by the ordeal that her name changed to Chloris ("the pale one").
  3. Neleus' wife was named Chloris, making her the mother of Nestor, Pero and Alastor.

One of these three people, or a fourth, was the mother of Poriclymenus by Poseidon.

The goddess Chloris (#1) was equivalent to the Roman goddess Flora, who had temples on the Quirinal and near the Circus Maximus.

Her festival, Floralia, was celebrated on April 28 to May 1 until the AD 4th century