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Chinookan refers to several groups of Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Chinookan groups include the Cathlamet, Cathlahmahs, Chilluckittequaw, Clatsop, Chahcowah, Clackama, Clowwewalla, Cushook, Echelut (Wishram-Wasco), Killaniuck, Klickitat, Multnomah, Skilloot, Wahkiakum (Wac-ki-a-cum), Wappato, Wascopan, and the Watlata (Cascade or Wishram). Most surviving Chinookan natives live in the towns of Bay Center, Chinook, and Ilwaco in Washington state.

Chinookan also refers to a language family of two Northwest Coast Native American languages: Upper Chinook (Wishram-Wasco) and Lower Chinook. Both Chinookan languages are nearly extinct.

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