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Chinese Puerto Rican

A Chinese Puerto Rican is a person who was born in Puerto Rico, but whose ancestors came from China.

Chinese people started arriving in Puerto Rico by large numbers during the 19th century. Many of them went to Puerto Rico to work on the island's rail systems of then, just like many other Chinese who emigrated to other parts of the world. Many of the Asian train workers in Puerto Rico felt enchanted with the place, deciding to stay there the rest of their lives. Their children were among the first Chinese-Puerto Ricans.

Although Chinese-Puerto Ricans are small in numbers compared to White or Black Puerto Ricans, nevertheless, they form a structure of Puerto Rican society. Many are dedicated to operating chinese food restaurants, and others work in all kinds of jobs there. Many members of Puerto Rico's Chinese minority have integrated both the Puerto Rican and Chinese culture to their daily lives. Also, because Chinese girls have married Puerto Rican boys almost since the time that the Chinese began settling there, many of today's Chinese-Puerto Ricans actually have hispanic last names.

It shall be noted also, that most Puerto Ricans of other races refer to all Far Easteners as Chinese. Because of this, it must be clarified that in Puerto Rico, many Asians from other different countries also live there.

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