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Child Is Father to the Man

Child Is Father to the Man is a jazz rock album by Blood, Sweat & Tears, released in February of 1968 (see 1968 in music).

Widely regarded as a classic fusion of jazz, rock and roll, psychedelia and classical music, Child Is Father to the Man is one of bandleader Al Kooper's most enduring works. The album introduced the idea of the big band to rock and roll and paved the way for such groups as Chicago. Kooper left the band after this album. Subsequent albums showed the effect of his absence.

Child Is Father to the Man peaked at #47 on Billboard's (North America) Pop Albums chart.

The title is a quotation from a poem by William Wordsworth called "The Rainbow".

Track listing

  1. "Overture" (Kooper) - 1:32
  2. "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" (Kooper) - 5:57
  3. "Morning Glory" (Beskett/Buckley) - 4:16
  4. "My Days Are Numbered" (Kooper) - 3:19
  5. "Without Her" (Nilsson) - 2:41
  6. "Just One Smile" (Newman) - 4:38
  7. "I Can't Quit Her" (Kooper/Levine) - 3:38
  8. "Meagan's Gypsy Eyes" (Katz) - 3:24
  9. "Somethin' Goin' On" (Kooper) - 8:00
  10. "House in the Country" (Kooper) - 3:04
  11. "The Modern Adventures of Plato, Diogenes..." (Kooper) - 4:12
  12. "So Much Love/Underture" (Goffin/King) - 4:47