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Chigasaki (茅ヶ崎市; -shi) is a city located in the middle part of Kanagawa prefecture, and is famous for its sea beach.

The beach is called "Southern Beach," and is from the name of a Japanese famous pop singer called "Southern All Stars," which the vocal was from Chigasaki. The coast of Chigasaki is famous for surfboarding and sea bathing. Particulary for Japanese surfboarders, Chigasaki is a place that surfboard started in Japan. The shop called "Goddess," which is located only about 20 meters from sea, is known for the first surfboard shop in Japan. In chigasaki, many bycicles with mettal fitting, which enables sufboarders to carry their sufboard to the sea, could be seen. The symbol of "Southern Beach" is "Eboshiiwa," a big rock shaped like a hat that could be seen from the coast. Oftenly, Chigasaki is imaged as a resort of sea bathing.

The place near the shoreline of Chigasaki to Kamakura is called "Shonan," and is famous for a place to have vacation in a tranquil house. Many Japanese people have a good image (brand image) to "Shounan."

As of 2003, the city has an estimated population of 225,156 and the density of 6,305.12 persons per km². The total area is 35.71 km².

The city was founded on October 1, 1947.

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