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Chiefs of the Name

A Chief of the Name was a person recognised by the Chief Herald of Ireland as the most senior known male descendant of the last inaugurated or de facto chief of that name in power in Gaelic Ireland at or before the end of the sixteenth century. After embarrassing official blunders in the 1990s which saw several impostors receive recognition, the Irish government decided in July 2003 to abandon this practice as there was no proper legal basis for it, and to continue such recognition would, on the advice of the Attorney General, necessitate a constitutional referendum to amend Bunreacht na hÉireann.This decision was criticised by, among others, Etienne Rynne, Professor Emeritus of Archaeology at NUI Galway. At abandonment the position was as follows:

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1 Chiefs of the Name
2 Designation dormant
3 Designations disputed
4 Designation withdrawn
5 Application for recognition pending
6 Recognition not applied for

Chiefs of the Name

Designation dormant

Designations disputed

Designation withdrawn

Application for recognition pending

Recognition not applied for