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Chicheley is a village in the county of Milton Keynes, England, though prior to the administraive boundary change in 1995 it was in Buckinghamshire. The village is located about two and a half miles north east of Newport Pagnell.

The village name is Anglo Saxon in origin, and means Cicca's clearing. In the Domesday Book of 1086 the village was recorded as Cicelai.

The manor of Chicheley (which some suggest may have once been called Thickthorn) anciently belonged to the Pagnell family of Newport Pagnell, but was given by them to the church. Through this connection the village also at one time belonged to Cardinal Wolsey, though only until his forced resignation by King Henry VIII who took all his possessions from him at that time.

During the English Civil War the manor received some considerable damage, associated as it was with the garrison at Newport Pagnell.