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Charlestown, Massachusetts

Charlestown is now a neighborhood in the city of Boston which annexed it in 1874. Charleston was founded in 1628 and was the first capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Charleston is located northeast of Boston proper on a peninsula extending southeast between the Charles River and the Mystic River. The geographic extent of Charlestown has changed dramatically from its colonial ancestor. Landfill operations have expanded Boston into the Back Bay, lowered hills and expanded Charlestown. They have also eliminated the narrow Charleston Neck that connected the northwest end of the Charlestown Peninsula to the mainland.

On June 17, 1775 the Charleston Peninsula was the site of the Battle of Bunker Hill. Bunker Hill was near the northwest end of the peninsula, near Charlestown neck and about a mile from the Charles River. The batle actually took place on Breed's Hill which overlooked the harrbor and the town and was only about 400 yards from the end of the peninsula. The city, including its wharves and dockyards was destroyed by fire during the battle.

Charlestown was the birthplace of inventor Samuel F. B. Morse.

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