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Charles Radcliffe

Charles Jeremy St John Radcliffe is a descendant of Nell Gwynne. In 1966 he was editor of Heatwave, a radical magazine produced in London. It was cited in On the Poverty of Student Life as an example of one of the "profoundly revolutionary tendencies in the critique of all aspects of the prevailing way of life". It was closely linked with Rebel Worker, a Chicago magazine published by Franklin Rosemont, Penelope Rosemont and Bernard Marszalek. They had links with both Industrial Workers of the World and American Surrealism.Radcliffe became a member of the English Section of the Situationist International in December 1966, but resigned by November 1967. (The British Section was then dissolved with the expulsion of Christopher Gray, Donald Nicholson-Smith and Timothy Clark.)

Radcliffe then became involved with the magazine Friends, sharing a flat with editor Alan Marcuson.