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Charles Pelham Villiers

Charles Pelham Villiers, (1802-1898), was educated at Haileybury College and St John's College, Cambridge, becoming a barrister at Lincoln's Inn in 1827.

He held Benthamite political views, and enjoyed a long career in public service and Parliament. In 1832, he was a Poor Law Commissioner, and from 1833 to 1852, an official of the court of Chancery.

He served as an MP for Wolverhampton from 1835 to 1898, during which time he worked towards free trade and opposed the Corn Laws and home rule for Ireland. Noted as being the voice in parliament of the free trade movement before the election of Richard Cobden and John Bright. He also served as Judge-Advocate General, 1852-1858, Privy Councillor, 1853, and President of the Poor Law board, 1859-1866. Also the longest ever serving MP.