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Charlatans UK

The Charlatans (known in the United States are a British band. They originally formed in Birmingham, with Tim Burgess (a Nothwich Lad) joining the line up the group then formed Dead Dead Good Records for the release of "Indian Rope" in 1990. The album was an indie hit and the group soon found a label in time for "The Only One I Know", a pop hit.

"Then" and Some Friendly were released later that year to great commercial and critical acclaim. The Charlatans were forced to add UK to the name for an American tour due to competing claims by a 1960s rock band (The Charlatans). Personnel changes caused a long gap before the release of10th & 11th The third album, Up to Our Hips, was a return to form. The band's fifth album (Tellin' Stories'\') was released in 1997 to strong sales and reviews. The Charlatans most recent album is 1999's Us and Us Only''.