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A good writer must be able to assume the point of view of a child, an older person, a member of the opposite gender, someone of another race or culture, or anyone who isn't like them personality or other wise. Characterization is being able to assume the point of view of another person and to write from a different point of view from their own. Fiction writers must be like a actor and become another person

A good writer makes characters sympathetic, well-rounded, or complex even though the writer may not be like the character or even like him or his beliefs. This allows for a sense or realism.

You have to reveal some basic facts to the reader about a character. The reader should know the following things about a character: appearance, age, gender, educational level, vocation or occupation, financial status, marital status, hobbies, religious beliefs, ambitions, motivations, etc.

A good writer is able to reveal all of the above by giving the readers clues and hints. Never should a writer directly disclose info. This makes the story sound childish and boring.