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Chainat province

Area:2,469.7 km²
Ranked 64th
Inhabitants:358,880 (2001)
Ranked 63rd
Pop. density:145 inh./km²
Ranked 27th
ISO 3166-2:TH-18

Chainat (Thai ชัยนาท) is one of the central provinces (changwat) of Thailand. Neighboring provinces are (from north clockwise) Nakhon Sawan, Sing Buri, Suphanburi and Uthai Thani.

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Chainat is located in the flat river plain of the Chao Phraya river valley. In the south of the province the Chao Phraya is forming an artificial lake behind the Chainat dam. The dam, part of the Greater Chao Phraya Project, was finished in 1957 and was the first dam of Thailand.


The provincial seal shows the Buddhist wheel, the Dhammajakra. In the background is a mountain and a river. The wheel symbolizes the faith of the residents.

Provincial tree is the Bael Fruit Tree (Aegle marmelos), provincial flower the Rainbow Shower Tree (Cassia javanica).

Administrative divisions

King Amphoe
(minor districts)
  1. Mueang Chai Nat
  2. Manorom
  3. Wat Sing
  1. Sapphaya
  2. Sankhaburi
  3. Hankha
  1. Nong Mamong
  2. Noen Kham

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